mini blinds
Why Buy Mini Blinds?

Why buy mini blinds? You’ve probably heard about them already. However, you may not know exactly what they are, especially in terms of how they compare to other forms of window coverings. Basically, mini blinds are window blinds with smaller-than-average slats. A mini blind will feature slats which are fifty percent smaller than the slats…

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3 Ways to Power Motorized Blinds

At Design Your Blind Boca Raton, we’re happy to provide high-tech window coverings. When you choose our motorized blinds ,you’ll access technology which is right on the cutting edge. Just push a single button or flip one switch. Then, watch in wonder as your fashionable shades open or close automatically! Control how much light comes…

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Vertical Blinds Vs Horizontal Blinds Ideas
The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Window Blinds

What’s The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Window Blinds? In homes and commercial spaces, you’ll find a couple of different types of window blinds. They are Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Blinds. Today, we’re going to explain the difference between these two window blind options. One (or both) of them may be perfect for your private…

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