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The World Of Custom Wallpaper & Upholstery

Thinking of repainting your walls or furniture? You might want to consider our custom wallpaper & upholstery collection instead. Wallpapers are durable, cost effective, and achieve a designer look that you cannot attain by simple paint.

The world of wallpaper & upholstery is vast and has unlimited colors, textures, patterns, and materials that, certainly,  will fit your style. Be it a focal point spicing things up in the room, or a neutral decorative,  yet elegant, blend-in type of wallpaper & upholstery. Anything works!


Custom Wallpaper & Upholstery


Choosing Wallpaper Instead Of Paint

While paint tends to be monochromatic, dull and boring, wallpaper can really add some jazz into the space. Whether you decide to have just an accent wall, or a complete room, it’s easy to enjoy  quality wallpaper.

The benefits of wallpaper over paint are found in its durability, in which wallpaper is easier to clean than paint. Due to its texture or patterns, smudges and dirt is less visible on a daily basis.
Although paint is cheaper per square foot, on average, every 3 years you need to repaint your walls. While wallpaper  lasts on average 15 years, making it the more cost effective solution over the years. Most wallpapers  & upholstery retain their authentic allure and performance aspects for many years.

If you are considering painting or covering your walls, Design your Blind would love to show you some of the high quality wallpaper. Our wallpaper & upholstery collections include textures, wood surfaces, fabric walls, natural surfaces and of course many prints and patterns such as geometric shapes, damasks and jacquards.